Aromatherapy Workshops

Aromatherapy Masterclasses

'A life changing experience'   Liz Nightingale

Melanie Jane hosts popular and interactive Aromatherapy workshops  in 5* hotels around Dubai.

You'll discover so much about the intricate world of Aromatherapy in just four hours of every Masterclass.

Melanie Jane's Aromatherapy classes come in three parts, beginners, intermediate and advanced, you can choose one or all three and in each of them you'll discover the amazing benefits of essential oils and learn how to expertly blend them to create effective remedies to take home.


In the beginners class you will learn the history, extraction, families and basic chemistry and benefits of 12 essential oils then you'll go on to create a roll-on remedy with your own chosen blend whether it be relaxing or energising.

The intermediate class goes deeper into aromatherapy and 8 more oils, PLUS  6 carrier oils, the class focuses on creating blends and how to incorporate them into 3 products |a body oil, organic body lotion and a body mist.

The advanced class focuses on skincare as we examine the various skin types and basic skin science. You'll discover the best essential oils for good skin health & learn about effective natural skincare routines and face massage techniques

You will then go onto to create 2 products | a facial oil and a face toner using Melanie Jane's exclusive recipes.


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