A Carlsberg Collaboration

Whilst attending a mind-numbingly boring event full of bloggers wanting free stuff and wondering what the hell I was doing there, I received an out-of-the-blue phone call from an alcohol distributor asking me if I would be interested in creating a fragrance for the regional launch of a beer called Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, part of the Carlsberg brand……

....I took a nanosecond to think about it.


A meeting was arranged with the Trade Marketing manager and their amazing media agency PMG, who were both very excited to potentially work with me as I had done some ‘really cool stuff,' their words not mine, although I agreed.

They said they had never done anything like this before; it would be a free gift as part of their extensive promotional campaign, so basically in bars and restaurants – buy 2 beers and get a free fragrance. They’d done giveaways before but never a perfume and I was doubly thrilled that they had asked to do it!

So after a brief ‘brief’ about the fragrance they wanted – a light unisex citrus that reflects the bouquet of zest & sunny florals in the beer – I set to work, and came up with samples in record time, three of which were rejected outright, but the last almost hit the nail on the head; after a bit of tweaking and praying (I hadn’t won the project yet) I came up with a fragrance I was proud of and they loved.

Then came the hard part, the tiny bottles had to be dyed to the same blue hue of the beer bottle in the right size container with a label that was readable (so much text on it) and laser printed 3 times, with the red, blue and white colours they requested.

500 bottles were produced and filled with my fragrant French blend, we lost some along the way, as is life in the perfume industry when, much like people, you have temperamental machines.

The client and the agency were equally delighted with the perfume and the finished product. I was duly invited to the launch and asked to host a mini-me masterclass, demonstrating what oils were present in the perfume and how they echoed the fragrant body of the beer.

‘When you smell the perfume and drink the beer at the same time you can really detect the citrus and floral aspect in the drink’ I told attendees, and they were amazed that they actually could.

It’s my proudest moment yet, as a creator, to have worked with such a tremendous GLOBAL BRAND and one that I hope I can repeat someday soon….#watchthisspace

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