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by Aroma Tierra

"I came across Aroma Tierra after a student asked me if  I had heard of them, I must admit I had not so I had to check them out. Students are always asking me for essential oil recommendations and in the UAE there are none I could firmly endorse.

After a lengthy meeting with management, and sampling their oils, I was convinced they were the best brand in the UAE for essential oils.

"If you believe in aromatherapy it works

If you don't believe in aromatherapy.... it still works"

I fell in love, not just with their philosophy and quality of oils, but with the packaging.

The oils are stored in Violet glass bottles made in Switzerland, which block out all spectrums of light (much more than amber or blue glass) thereby protecting the integrity of the oils and increasing their shelf life, keeping the contents fresher for longer"

Melanie Jane

MJ & AT Partnership

For the first time ever Melanie Jane has partnered with an essential brand that she is proud to endorse and put her name behind

Melanie Jane will offer exclusive discounts to students, subscribers, followers, and fans.

Click on an oil below that tickles your fancy and you'll be redirected to the Aroma Tierra store, continue shopping then when you're ready to checkout simply use the discount code MELANIEJANE10 to redeem your 10% discount on EVERY PURCHASE!

Melanie's Tips

Melanie Jane gives her personal and unique insights into her favourite essential oils. Offering little gems of advice and fascinating facts.

If you can't see the oil you want on this page you can find many more on the Aroma Tierra website

They also have organic essential oils if that's what you prefer, and carrier oils too like Rosehip, Avocado &Hemp.

Start your aromatherapy collection today and you can start making your own remedies and skincare products.

If you don't know how then subscribe to Melanie Jane's YouTube channel - she will be releasing HOW TO videos very soon, so turn on the notifications to be the first to view them!


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