Bespoke Perfume Consultation

Bespoke Perfume Consultation


There has never been a better time to get into the Perfume industry, this sector is still growing, even in the face of recession, and currently many more people are realizing that creating their own bespoke perfume range is no longer a fragrant fantasy, but a reachable reality.


Now more than ever, consumers are supporting indie brands and looking for new and unique scents, and products by independent labels rather than global players.


In this personalized consultation I will share my scent secrets and show you the best and most cost-effective ways of getting your perfume created, from start to finish.


    1. Upon checkout you will receive a consultation outline which you can read through and keep for your records.
    2. We will get in touch and schedule a live call on WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype.
    3. We will go through your requirements for creating a bepoke perfume/s for your new or existing brand.

    Please read the additional info sections for more details.


    An initial 2-hours live consultancy on Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp, with Melanie Jane – this covers a one-to-one discussion where you will discuss your Perfume Plan and together we will address some or all of the following:


    • Your objective and the type of perfumes you wish to create.
    • Target Audience and brand presence.
    • Your budget and timeframe.
    • Current trends.
    • Preferred Perfume notes.
    • Scent Intensities.
    • IFRA and legalities.
    • Packaging insights (weighing up the options).
    • My own insider tips and tricks.
    • A Perfume Personality test which will determine your fragrance preferences.

    I will create a maximum of 5 perfume samples and send them to you at no extra charge (within the EU, Extra nominal rates may apply for other countries).


    Once you have had time to sample the scents, we can discuss (in whatever medium you prefer) which sample/s you would like to go further with and consider any required modifications (see the small print on the next page). It is my intention to create something that you are happy with the first-time round, but invariably minor modifications of your preferred sample may be necessary to complete your final perfume.


    N.B. Once we have the perfect blend, we can discuss ways in which we can work together to produce the scent on a larger scale, we can offer you several options, the rates of which will vary and can be discussed once we reach that milestone, but we work within your budget constraints at all times.


    • Send the final neat perfume blend directly to your home/office/bottling facility.
    • *Send the diluted and conditioned blend to your home/office/bottling facility.
    • **Assist with the full turnkey project and provide a design, bottling and packaging solution


    *currently only available in the GCC region and the United Kingdom.

    **currently only available in the GCC region.


    • The 2-hours initial consult can be split into two 1-hour sessions, to be utilized during the beginning of your project. 
    • 2nd Consultancy after the initial samples have been assessed by you is included in the above price, as is the discussion after the first 6 modifications.
    • Modifications will incur an extra cost of €10 per sample plus shipping.
    • Modifications are limited to 6 per perfume, after which moderate rates and laboratory charges may apply.
    • In the rare case you are not happy with any of the original perfume samples, we can have a further discussion about your objective and send another 5 samples free of charge (plus shipping costs outside of the EU).
    • The timeframe for creating and shipping the samples for a bespoke fragrance can vary from 3 -6 weeks.
    • The timeframe for producing the final neat blend is completely dependent on the amount of modifications required, and YOUR timely input into the creation of the scent. This can range from 14 working days to 4 weeks from the order date of the final fragrance, and dependant on our work schedule and the availability of raw materials, (shipping days are extra; we use DHL for the neat blend and express services are available).
    • Additional consultancy hours can be purchased at the rate of €150 per hour or €80 per 30-minutes.
    • Once you have your final blend you can reorder it at any time, and the timeframe for that is 14 working days to 4 weeks, plus shipping time.
    • The perfume blend you choose is unique to you and will be kept on file for future orders. We will not use this unique formula for any other client of ours.
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