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#14 YOU WON'T GET IT RIGHT AT FIRST...but be okay with that

I'll leave this post to Mandy Aftel to explain, as she did so eloquently in our recent interview.


So many students are afraid of failure. What would you say to beginners who are afraid to try because they want to make a perfect perfume right from the start?


"I say in my classes, ‘Anybody can make a good perfume... once, but that's not what this is about. The goal of the class is not to make a good perfume, so please let that go. If you make something good, it's a fluke.

I feel like the onus on people to make something good is wrong. The path to making good things is making bad things. That’s where the learning is. If you’re not making some bad things, you’re not being honest with yourself.

I always say too, 'all your friends are going to tell you it smells good, don’t believe them, it doesn’t smell good'."

"The path to making good things is making bad things."


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