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Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the skin and connective tissue, it provides a protective barrier for cells and gives your skin a plump appearance.

It has been a beauty buzz word for the last few years, claiming to improve elasticity and achieve a plethora of anti-aging beauty miracles.

It is enthusiastically used in natural non GMO skincare products – which is a contradiction in terms because the Hyaluronic acid that you find in skincare is actually genetically modified!


The plain truth is it is only useful as a water binder or humectant (attracts moisture to wherever it is applied)


It’s useful if injected in cases of plastic surgery or the treatment of osteoporosis or if you live in a tropical jungle though. Don't even get me started on Sodium Hyaluronate - a counterpart of Hyaluronic acid and is the salt form of HA, which can actually dry out the skin.

I used a “natural product” some time ago that contained a high amount of Sodium Hyaluronate and while it felt like it was doing some good for the first few days, I actually ended up getting “bumpy skin” and it looked and felt like orange pe