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In my earlier post - My 10 step plan to radiant skin - I briefly mentioned how much I LOVE Barakat Fresh juices and here's why:


  1. They only have raw fresh ingredients

  2. They are made daily

  3. No Preservatives

  4. No added sugar

  5. Literally nothing added at all

  6. They do all natural smoothies too

  7. They only cost around AED 10.50

  8. You can get them from most good groceries and even at Petrol stations with Zoom shops

  9. You can have just vegetable ones if you're watching your sugar intake

  10. They last a few days unopened, so you can buy a few at once and keep them in the fridge

  11. They taste fabulous - really fab and I am not a health freak by any stretch.


My favourites are the Red Cleanse with Beetroot and Hibiscus, Green Juice with Kale and Spinach and Green Chia with Kiwi for when I want something sweeter.


They have just brought out a Turmeric Smoothie which I am going to try today and will let you know how I like it :)


Check out their juices and the ingredients at the link below