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There are superfoods making a comeback and your Nan probably used to eat them all.


Before we were cooing about Kale and trying to pronounce Quinoa (“It’s keenwah and that’ll be $42 please”) there were inexpensive nutrient rich foods lurking on the shelves of the local markets and it’s time to reintroduce them into your kitchen cupboards.


Dandelion – A Magical Potion



In my day as children we used to pick these weeds and snap the stem and put the white liquid on warts for a cure! When the petals dried out they looked magical and we would blow the fairy like petals into the air and make a wish.

It may be a weed, but this golden-headed gem is packed with nutrients. 

Dried dandelion leaf tea can be taken as a diuretic for fluid retention.

It also aids digestion, constipation and is a great liver tonic, which is excellent for skin problems. However there are few warnings about the interaction with other drugs, such as antibiotics, so check with your doctor before using it


Beetroot – A Purple Powerhouse