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Want to get smarter for those questions in the pub quiz? Watch what you eat Want to increase your brainpower? Some foods may actually help your brain work better. No guarantees, but try some of these mental boosters:

Walnuts. A Spanish study found that people who eat a small handful of walnuts a day saw their memory improve by 19 percent....

Coffee. It helps you wake up, and a British study suggests that just 20-30 milligrams of caffeine (less than one cup) can enhance mental agility.

Spinach. The magnesium in Popeye’s favourite food may not make you instantly stronger, but it can increase the blood flow to your brain along with the rest of your body—at least according to a Japanese research team.

Mussels. Seafood is considered brain food, right? Mussels provide high levels of vitamin B12, which can help insulate your brain cells as you age.

Asparagus. Eating your vegetables is good for you. Asparagus is packed with folate, which can decrease the risk of depression.


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