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A few years ago I was dancing when I fell and tore the ligament in my ankle, it was excruciating and the next day I saw a doctor who wanted to put a cast up to my knee, I wanted a second opinion!

I then met the wonderful doctor Moosa Kazim, who specialises in sports related injuries, Orthosports in Dubai, who gave me a lace up bootie for support and recommended, to speed up the healing process, to take a tablet of Turmeric and a pinch of *Black Onion seeds (*crush between teeth then swallow), every day.

I admit I was dubious but I did as I was told and was amazed by the results and I didn’t need the bootee for much longer and my ankle recovered nicely; of course with the help of gentle strengthening exercises.

Turmeric - Is a potent, yet safe anti-inflammatory and also brings relief for rheumatoid arthritis but you must use it in conjunction with Black Pepper or Piperine otherwise YOUR BODY WILL NOT ABSORB IT


Black Onion Seeds – Are also a powerful anti-inflammatory and has some great pain relieving properties



A few years later I met a friend who had broken his ankle and he was in constant pain, I recommended the Onion Seeds and