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Q: How do I make my perfume last longer?

It's one of the most frequently asked questions in my classes. Happily there is a simple answer!

First option

If you like a particular product, let’s say Chanel No. 5, then go all out and buy the entire range — perfume, shower gel, bath soap, body cream, body oil, foaming bath, hair mist — you get the idea! This will help the fragrance last longer on your body. You can drop hints to your friends, family and lover when it's gifting time!

Second (and more affordable) option

Can’t afford the entire range of products? No problem. There’s a cheap and easy solution to helping your fragrance last longer — moisturise!

Perfume actually lasts longer on oily skin than it does on dry skin.

If you don’t have a moisturiser from the same range, choose an unscented body oil or organic lotion to keep it fragrance free and prevent it from clashing with your favourite fragrance. Pay special attention to moisturising the areas where you would normally put your perfume, then go ahead and apply as normal.


Want your fabulous fragrance to last even longer? Spritz lightly onto your clothing or into your hair. But be careful not to apply it to silk or other delicate fabrics or light coloured clothes, as some perfumes may stain.

This concept of ‘fragrance layering’ is an extremely effective way of making your perfume last longer.

Want another top tip?

It won’t make your fragrance last longer, but it will give you more variety…

Take two different scents and layer them over each other to create something unique. Perfume powerhouse Jo Malone, founder of companies Jo Malone London and Jo Loves, came up with this concept in the 1990s.


Key points to remember: Moisturise your skin for a longer lasting scent, or buy the complete fragrance range


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