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Why your scent is unique to you

Q: Why does my perfume smell different on somebody else?

A: The answer is simple… chemistry

There are a lot of reasons your perfume smells different when worn by somebody else. Everyone is unique, and factors such as skin temperature, skin type, diet, hormones — and even any medication you take — all play a role in how perfume reacts to the body. The act of spraying scent on someone’s skin triggers a chemical reaction between the individual person and the perfume, resulting in slight differences to how the fragrance smells.

Try it

Spritz some of the same perfume on both yourself and a willing volunteer. After a few minutes compare how you smell — you should be able to detect slight differences in the resulting scent.

“My sister LOVES Aromatics Elixir by Clinique and it smells fantastic on her, but on me it's repugnant.”

Every human being has their own unique scent, just like a fingerprint, and our sense of smell is much more sensitive than we think. For example, studies have shown that new mothers can detect their own baby using sense of smell alone — even when blindfolded.

This illustrates perfectly how humans are perfectly equipped to detect the way in which fragrances interact with individual scent chemistry, and the differences in how they smell to you and to others.



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