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Read about the inspiration and experiences that led Melanie Jane to create and diversify her brand.

The Beginning

From the Daffodil fields of Northern England

As a child, I was constantly surrounded by nature and my favourite thing to do was play in the daffodil and bluebell fields. Even the chilliest Spring morning wouldn't deter my passion for flowers and the joy they brought.

For my 8th birthday, I received a Perfume making kit from my Father, Albert. Many a joyous day was spent mixing fragrant formulas for him which he wore with pride, even though the first creations were ones only a Father could love. I soon learned what worked and what didn't and that not everything had to smell of Musk!

Little did I know at the time what a significant role Fragrance and Flowers were to play in my adult life,


To the Lavender fields of Southern France

I forged a genuine passion for essential oils after enrolling on a course at the local college in England to study Holistic Therapy.

Whilst suffering from a bout of postnatal depression I became a bit of a recluse and needed to feel better without the use of modern medicine.

It was the day after getting an aromatherapy massage from a fellow student that I felt like the constant black cloud had lifted from over me and the sun was shining as bright as it did in those daffodil fields.



After graduating I had the bug for further education and enrolled on another one year course to study Beauty and got my second Diploma from the IIIHHT in 1999

I moved to Dubai at the end of 1999 and although I continued to make my own Aromatherapy blends, my career in that industry fell by the wayside, until the day I got fired from a job I hated and was persuaded by a friend to pursue my passion of essential oils.

Not the end


Whilst I still create fabulous fragrances and The Scent Studio my heart also lies in teaching others about the magical world of natural fragrance and creating tailor-made perfumes for customers who want unique gifts for themselves or others.

I host regular group workshops in luxurious locations like the Ritz-Carlton, Habtoor Palace and the Burj Al Arab, to reflect my brand's image that only the best will do. 

The events are so popular that I have even had people flying in from New York just to attend a class at the weekend!


I also host corporate workshops and individual one-to-one classes where people fly in from other countries to spend a day with me learning about the art of blending

The attention to detail in my classes doesn't go unnoticed and I make sure everyone leaves with a fragrance or aromatherapy remedy they are happy with.

THE Grasse Experience

In 2016 I attended a Summer Fragrance School in Grasse, France, at the world-renowned Institute of Perfumery, where some of the best 'NOSES' in the world have studied.

The course inspired me to rework my collection of Natural Fragrances and I now work with a perfume house in Paris who recreate my fragrances using my closely guarded secret  formulas, which enables me to now make them in larger volumes, and I work with a professional bottling and packaging company in the UAE which has taken my brand to the next level.


DRAMA QUEEN  contains a luxurious blend of essential oils with some of the world's most expensive oils like Rose De Mai and Star Jasmine, the perfume is designed to also work at a molecular level so you will feel fabulous every time you use it.

The Carlsberg Perfume Project

Whilst attending a mind-numbingly boring event full of bloggers wanting free stuff and wondering what the hell I was doing there, I received an out-of-the-blue phone call from an alcohol distributor in Dubai, African & Eastern, asking me if I would be interested in creating a fragrance for the regional launch of a beer called Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, part of the Carlsberg brand……

I took a nanosecond to think about it.


A meeting was arranged with the Trade Marketing manager and their amazing media agency PMG, who were both very excited to potentially work with me as I had done some ‘really cool stuff’

They said they had never done anything like this before; it would be a free gift as part of their extensive promotional campaign, so basically in bars around Dubai – buy 2 beers and get a free fragrance. They’d done giveaways before but never a perfume and I was doubly thrilled that they had asked to do it!


The Man from New York

Meet Carlos.....

Carlos flew in from New York to attend my Annual Perfume Masterclass



When I asked him why he had come all that way he replied... "I was looking for something to do this weekend. And I saw your event"

'Oh Wow' I responded 'Is it the Location at the Burj that sold it?'

"Nope, it was your face"

Private Label


Not content with simply teaching and creating for myself, I have a passion for helping others to develop their fragrance range whether it be High-end Perfumes sold to Royalty or room sprays and candle fragrances

My proudest achievement in this field in the wonderful perfume that is 'Millionaire' the first in a range from 212 Perfumes. With some of the world's most expensive and exquisite oils and absolutes, it's a unisex oriental fragrance that simply speaks luxury.

Even more A-MAZE-ING is that the most influential influencer in the Middle East was involved in the launch!  @dr_kholodiii

Billboards ads went up in the most prominent of places like Sloane Street in London and Times Square New York!

Needless to say, my client is over the moon with the creations and we are looking forward to the next ones...

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