Love Letters

Rave Reviews from Students and Event Participants

  • Ilhama Sadat | 7 time attendee

    "Darling Melanie, you are like sunshine, like an angel from the sky. I love being around you, you make people feel special, so loved. You spread joy and positive vibes around you.

    Your classes have changed my life for the better and I look forward to your next class already"


  • Mirella @culture_crossings Instagram | 2 time attendee

    "My dear scent Fairy Melanie Jane: Fabulous venue at the Habtoor Palace, beautiful décor, yummies and goodies of your perfume introduction into the complex world of scents.

    Great group of Fans and so nice to meet you again with perfume fans!

    Hoping to hear from you soon with new creativities, new workshops and lots of fun!

  • Keefe | @perfumenotes | Instagram | 3 time attendee

    "What a FABULOUS day out, super venue and fabulous snacks (and prosecco...)

    But what an informative session with Melanie, full of fun facts and fragrant inspiration, learning about notes and fragrance families.

    I really enjoyed today, Melanie is bubbly and superfun.

    My first fragrance creation will be kept in a museum (one day) and for that I'm really thankful for all the great tips and advice. And the scones were perfect!

  • Gabriella

    "This was by far one of the BEST spent Saturdays.

    Melanie's energy & positivity is so refreshing and energising.

    The whole journey of discovery was so interesting and I can't believe I am leaving the workshop with my own creation.

    Thank you for being you"



  • Viki Shah - Consulting Editor | Yogalife Magazine UAE

    "Melanie Jane has mastered the craft of untamed alchemy and her active engagement and continuous exploration has you transfixed and engrossed throughout the session.

    You find remedy, inspiration, comfort, hope and above all a sense of joy!

    Thank you Melanie!"


  • Carrie

    "Melanie, I had a FABULOUS time! I learned so much.

    I took the class in Grasse, France and I didn't learn half as much as I did from you.

    You can tell you have a real passion for this and you truly love it. I love your little side notes which were really helpful.

    I'm looking forward to your next classes and I'll for sure be coming.

    What a great day!"


  • Elaine Parsons | 3 time attendee

    "What a brilliant time we all had today, your classes are absolutely AMAZING!

    You are funny, knowledgeable and passionate about the history and making of perfumes, You help us with the whole journey of creating our own perfume, wishing you more success and love”

  • Liz Nightingale | no relation! | 3 time attendee

    "Few things in life are actually life changing and this was for all the right reasons

    I loved the masterclass Mel, you shared so much knowledge and let us try so many things.

    I see my life becoming more lotions and potions and I'm delighted to have learnt so much, I can't wait for your next class....sign me up now !!!!”

  • Linda Duddy

    "Melanie, Thank you for an amazing day. The Burj Al Arab was a very special place to create a unique scent”which will always remind you of a fun and enjoyable day.

    Never give up sharing your passion"

  • Alison

    "Melanie, Thank you  so much for inviting me to your fabulous workshop, I've had a wonderful time and learned a lot" it was great to meet you and everyone who attended, wishing you loads of success in all that you do"

  • Sue

    "Thank you so much for a wonderful masterclass.

    I will be wearing 'life begins at 60' and remembering the great day out at the Burj Al Arab. Looking forward to your bet workshop"

  • May | 2 time attendee | Owner @shabbychicdxb

    "My dearest Melanie, thank you for the wonderful weekend, I have been looking forward to anther of your workshops since the Ritz.

    Not just for the gorgeous perfume, but for your epic energy which recharges my batteries."

  • Kerry | 3 time attendee

    "Thanks again for a wonderful day, I'm so pleased with the perfume I created for my husband, see you all again soon"

  • Marcelle | 5 time attendee

    "Thank you so much for unlocking all these fabulous scents and inviting us into your magical world of fragrance.

    You number one fan"

  • Keefe | @perfumenotes | Instagram

    "Dear MJ, What another fabulous afternoon with my very fabulous fragrant fan.

    As always a very insightful, educational and fun workshop - great to try some different oils.

    Loved the new venue at Habtoor Palace - what a great send off before the festive season.

    Merry Christmas you cracker"


  • Judy | 4 time attendee

    "Another fabulous class as always! It's one of my favourite things to do - always learning and trying something new.

    Thanks for the red feather!"

  • Abeer

    "Dear Melanie, It is such a pleasure to have met you in person, I follow you on Facebook and I love your laugh, personality and joy. This has been reflected in your workshop.

    You are a rainbow of flowers and essences, you have inspired us all to explore our inner self & moods and express it through the language of flowers"



  • Charlotte

    "Dear Melanie, I have to admit the class was bought as a gift for me and this morning I thought 'pfff spending time with new people, listening to boring explanations etc...' And then you showed up, happy, shiny, bubbly and a light-up Reindeer headband.

    You put a smile on my face and opened the door to a world of smells and perfumes. A lovely day and lovely company

  • Vanessa

    "Dear Melanie, I had a really enjoyable day.

    The way in which you present the content is very colourful and the time flies by. Really interesting.

    I will definitely be joining your perfume classes. 

    The take away roller ball pulse point bottle is a lovely touch. Thank you."


  • Donna |3 time attendee

    "I was lucky to win a place on Melanie Jane's Perfume Masterclass. I found Melanie to be a warm caring person who made the class fun, interesting and exciting.

    I created my perfume and I'm so happy with my choices with a little help from Melanie. Thank you so much"


  • Hind |2 time attendee

    "To the prettiest Perfumer Melanie,

    You made our day, full of positivity and elegant blends of notes that would allow us to appreciate more the love of fragrance.

    Definitely will register for more classes to enjoy the joy and love of perfume"


  • Elena

    "This was a beautiful workshop! Very interesting indeed, big variety of oils, very well organised from every aspect. Loved every minute of it!

    I look forward to attending more in the near future"




  • Clare

    "Thank you very much for a journey through some of the mysteries of perfume making.. It' a delight to have something to take home that I made in such relaxed and comfortable surroundings.

    It's been such a lovely way to spend the day in the company of some very nice ladies and gents, and a treat to find something like to do in Dubai"


  • Zhanna

    Melanie, your perfume making workshops are such a great idea!

    Don't stop them! They are a lot of fun!

    I had a lovely day"



  • Emma

    "Thank you for such a lovely afternoon learning and exploring the world of aromatherapy. Your knowledge, energy and passion made the workshop really fun. So happy with my beautiful aromatherapy blend"


  • Tracy

    "Thank you Melanie for a wonderful afternoon. I really learnt a lot about different oils and how to blend and make my own potion, I'm looking forward to experimenting with my own creation.

    I look forward to attending more of your classes"


  • Ilhama |7 time attendee

    "Dear Melanie thank you so much for the lovely experience filled with magic...

    I always enjoy learning from you and experimenting"





  • Claire

    "Thank you Melanie Jane.

    Another fun, fabulous and fragrant day. Everytime I come to your masterclasses I become a little more masterful :)

    Looking forward to level 2 of Aromas & Alchemy!"


  • Leigh

    "I have had an amazing time in your class today.

    You were very detailed and informative, and a lovely teacher and person.

    I would like to come to more of your classes in the future. I love my blend so thank you!"


  • Sarah | 2 time attendee

    "Dear Melanie, thank you so so much for organising this AMAZING workshop so that I could attend.

    It's been fabulous, as are you :)

    Your knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious and I can't wait for the next classes!"


  • Kerry |3 time attendee

    "Thanks Melanie for a wonderful afternoon. It was very informative and what I learnt will be very useful in my day-to-day life. I love my aroma remedy.

    A lovely way to spend the afternoon, essential oils, prosecco and afternoon tea...what more could a girl want.?

    Thanks also to your glamorous assistant Heather!"


  • Hend

    "Dear Melanie, I would like to thank you for this lovely session, I really learnt a lot. Thank you"


  • Hasna |2 time attendee

    "Dear Melanie, I really had a wonderful time learning and experimenting to create our blend of essential oils; but more than that the way you make the learning materials more enjoyable and interesting in a very lovely atmosphere and rich of valuable information.

    Much thanks and love"


  • Ilhama Sadat

    "Dear Melanie, thank you very much for inspiring me, I dedicate my number 3 perfume "My Inspiration" to you.

    I come back for more because you teach me how to explore my inner secrets Everytime, Very thankful to you”

  • Stacey McMurtrie

    "Melanie Jane's Perfume masterclass was amazing!

    Very insightful, full of fun facts and the time just flew by.

    A gracious host, well structured class - the perfect blend  of practical and theory. Would definitely recommend for a group of ladies, corporate team building or just a lovely weekend activity”

  • Gabrielle McMurtrie - Australia

    "A fabulous, fun experience and a memento to take with me - my own signature Parfum.

    Thank you Melanie and Heather.”

  • Claire

    "After a few hours with Melanie Jane I feel enriched with knowledge and scent. In a beautiful setting with lovely people all sharing a similar interest and goal - that being to smell divine, I can actually say this goal has been achieved.

    Looking forward to next time”

  • Zahra

    "The class was amazing!

    I learned so much about different scents and it was a great learning experience.

    Melanie was EXTREMELY helpful and ENGAGING and I learned so much from her. Thank you so much and looking forward to your other classes”

  • Kirsty

    "Such fun!

    What a lovely creative energy Melanie has. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, hope to be back”

  • Lucy Beales

    "What a wonderful class to unwind and let go of your being with smell, memories and prosecco - what more could you want!

    Melanie was a delight. Looking forward to the next one.”

  • Sahar

    "Very interesting, very informative.

    Loved the instructor.

    Loved the experience.

    Can't wait to come back”

  • Diann Boehm |2 time attendee

    "An amazing experience! 

    The teaching was perfectly paced. Learning about fragrance was eye opening!

    Made the perfect perfume for me "Heavenly"

    Melanie Jane is very knowledgeable. Fantastic job!”

  • Farah

    "Thank you Melanie I've enjoyed the workshop very much.

    I'd highly recommend it to every person that loves perfumes and would like to make his or her own fragrance. AMAZING EXPERIENCE”

  • Manar

    "The session was just amazing thank you so much.

    Feels so good creating your own perfume, I can't wait to wear it”

  • Rehab

    "Amazing day with you, you gave from the heart and loved it.

    Amazing place and amazing people”

  • Irene Sutton

    "A unique and wonderful way to spend the day”

  • Ilhama Sadat

    "I have discovered my nose palette once again today

    Fab experience, unique and educational as well. Met absolutely gorgeous ladies.

    Melanie I ma blessed and honoured to have the chance to meet you, thank you”

  • Subia Mojib

    "Wonderful and so informative. Melanie is so knowledgeable. Such an amazing experience. I love the perfume I made " Divine Darling"

    I've learned so much about different scents. Thank you Melanie!”

  • Amal Al Hooti |2 time attendee

    "It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed it. I hope to see you in more similar workshops”

  • Julie Jackson

    "My sis-in-law gave me one of your beautiful gift boxes for Christmas, I was absolutely blown away by it, it's one of the loveliest gifts I've ever received. I love quality fragrances and this is up there with the best! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Good luck in your business, with quality fragrances like this you deserve to do well! All the best for 2018. Jules"

  • Holly Parker

    "Did the fantastic Perfume and Prosecco workshop on April 28 and was thoroughly impressed! It was educational and interactive, and there were so many different oils to choose from! I ended up walking away with two gorgeous new perfumes that are uniquely me. Really enjoyed it, Melanie, thank you! Highly recommended."

  • April Hardy | |3 time attendee

    “I had such an amazing day that I'm planning more workshops with Melanie and will create a character for my next book based on my experiences! ”​

  • Heather Darwish | My crazy assistant before she was my assistant | @hmakesbags

    “Melanie it was fabulous!! We learned so much and had so much fun. It was the best school day ever” 

  • Sharmila Mohan

    “The day disappeared in whiffs of different sniffs. We were loath to leave and very proud of our creations. Melanie encouraged us to be totally hands-on which resulted in all of us getting totally lost in this new world.”​

  • Ananda Shakespeare

    “It's a relaxed atmosphere and Melanie Jane is a great teacher! I like the format of the day: lovely lunch in an inspiring venue and an afternoon of creating lotions and potions to take home.” 

  • Maria

    “Thank you darling for putting this beautiful event together!! I had a wonderfully scented day and was blessed to have shared it with such beautiful souls. I look forward to more of your functions”​

  • Rita Jivani

    "I did Melanie Jane’s master class and recommend it highly. I was super excited to do it and reached early on the venue, it was beyond expectations. The tables were laid taking care of minute details for all the ladies to learn how to blend essential oils. We made our roller blends, lotion, body mist and a face oil which we took home.

    Melanie is a good tutor and a sweet heart. Thank you very much and I will highly recommend it to my friends and contacts who are interested in learning about essential oils and skincare. Much love!"

  • Alia Julfar

    "Very engaging course, teaching all the basics in a nutshell"

  • Elaine Parsons

    “What a lovely day - nice people - nice food - learnt lots of things from Melanie and got creative, hope to catch up with you all another day.”​

  • Michele Wiedenhaupt

    "I had the opportunity to take Melanie’s Aromatherapy Master class. I learned so much about essential oils and made some incredible blends. Such a fun and educational day. Great people, great venue and an exceptional teacher!
    I am obsessed with the products and can’t wait for the next Masterclass."

  • Carrie Lavell

    "After years of dabbling with essential oils and wanting to learn more I found myself in Melanie’s Masterclass by luck! It provided me with the know how and safety of mixing different oils. Since Melanie’s class I have been making essential oil sprays for wellness. Thank you Melanie for your love, guidance, and sharing your gift."

  • Sharon Larkworthy

    "My daughter bought me the full day Aromatherapy Masterclass with Melanie as a birthday gift that we enjoyed together. It was a marvellous treat of a day. We learned such a lot, enjoyed meeting new people over a glass of grape with a delicious 3 course lunch, and not only that - we took home a bag full of wholesome organic one-of-a-kind pampering goodies we created ourselves using professional ingredients and packaging. As I travelled the next day it’s taken me a while to post my review... what reminded me was being out this morning with a group of friends who all loved my pulse point energy roll-on oil. “It smells so good, what’s in it?” “Where did you get it?” “Ohhh that smells sooo good” etc as they passed it around.
    Thank you Melanie. For sharing your passion and blending expertise ... best birthday pressie in years!!

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