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Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the skin and connective tissue, it provides a protective barrier for cells and gives your skin a plump appearance.

It has been a beauty buzz word for the last few years, claiming to improve elasticity and achieve a plethora of anti-aging beauty miracles.

It is enthusiastically used in natural non GMO skincare products – which is a contradiction in terms because the Hyaluronic...


PEG's... NO not those pegs but Polyethylene Glycols are deemed safe in cosmetics mostly because the molecules cannot penetrate the skin BUT and this is a BIG BUT...

If like me you use a face moisturiser in combination with a facial oil that contains essential oils there is a chance the PEG's will PIGGY BACK onto the essential oil molecules and enter your bloodstream, and that's not good.

Always loo...

The truth about Vitamin C in your skin care routine

A few years ago I was dancing when I fell and tore the ligament in my ankle, it was excruciating and the next day I saw a doctor who wanted to put a cast up to my knee, I wanted a second opinion!

I then met the wonderful doctor Moosa Kazim, who specialises in sports related injuries, Orthosports in Dubai, who gave me a lace up bootie for support and recommended, to speed up the healing process, to take a tablet of Turmeric an...

A hormone called oxytocin, widely dubbed the love hormone, is naturally released after a 20 second hug from a partner.

The hormone triggers the brain's relaxation and trust circuits.

Researchers call oxytocin the great facilitator of life, saying it serves the continued propagation of a species

Apparently, it plays a central role in the complicated aspects of reproductive behaviour

A side note - Men need to be touched tw...

Want to get smarter for those questions in the pub quiz? Watch what you eat

Want to increase your brainpower? Some foods may actually help your brain work better. No guarantees, but try some of these mental boosters:

Walnuts. A Spanish study found that people who eat a small handful of walnuts a day saw their memory improve by 19 percent....

Coffee. It helps you wake up, and a British study suggests that just 20-30 milligr...

AHA's or Alpha Hydroxy Acids -  slough away dead skin cells leaving your skin revitalised, this week I feature a face mask recipe with naturally occurring AHA's in just 2 INGREDIENTS!

1/2 Pineapple
1/2 Papaya


Remove the seeds from both fruits and blend for 30 seconds in a juicer on a soft fruit setting, then sieve it through a cheese cloth, or piece of muslin or a coffee filter

Dab a piece of cotton wool into the liquid and...

Read this before you decide to DETOX – They DON”T Work and they can be dangerous!

Fact or Fiction? - Detoxing will help your body rid itself of toxins

Fiction - If anything builds up toxins it’s detoxing itself!

Dawn Page, from Oxfordshire, was awarded more than £800,000 in 2008 after she suffered permanent brain damage while on a special hydration diet on the advice of a nutritionist.

She claims she was told to drink large...

We are always told how we need to cut down on salt, so much so that we can be scared to use it in our diet at all.

But did you know how many benefits it has?

And I don't mean the nasty table salt that you should avoid at all costs, but natural and unrefined sea or rock salt

Salt is important for sleep regulation - it is a natural hypnotic - If you drink a full glass of water, then put a few grains of salt on your tongue and l...

It was discovered by accident and the name is derived from the French words for "sour wine" but Vinegar has many health and beauty benefits

When I refer to Vinegar I mean Apple Cider Vinegar although my Mother used to use Malt Vinegar to rinse my hair to make it shiny!

One tablespoon a day is recommended, some of the benefits and uses are below:

• Relieves itchy scalp and dandruff – use it as a shampoo rinse but condition t...

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