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Fear is a 4-letter word, and you need to let go of it if you want to create great perfumes. Children are known for being fearless and curious, so think like a child!

"You also need to be curious and experiment A LOT. Do not be afraid of failure because it’s how you learn and improve your skills. Perseverance is extremely important as it takes lots of time and many trials to create a perfume." Says Vincent Médran-Navarrete from Reminiscent Parfums @reminiscent_parfums

If you learn from them, mistakes can strengthen you and provide wisdom.

Success won't happen overnight. Sometimes mistakes can even lead to incredible innovation and success.

Never lose sight of your own goals and vision. Be bold and use fear to your advantage. Embrace your uniqueness, and success will seek you out. You may even create something iconic in the process.

Just think, you have endless exciting opportunities to experiment and create new fragrances. Sometimes you will fail, but often you will succeed. That is a part of the process and a part of being a good perfumer. Even master perfumers don’t get it right all the time.

"Be free, be bold, be curious, be a fantasist." Thierry Wasser - Master Perfumer-Guerlain


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